15 Mart 2011 Salı

Italy Doesn't Believe in Rich Turkish Women

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Dudu Nuran Tekin (39), who has a great many homes and fields left
to her by her family in Korkuteli district of Antalya, is known by the
moniker 'hanımağa' (chief lady). Last year she purchased a tour of
Italy from a travel agency for 883 Euros, including the cost of the flight.

Tekin sent bank account information and real estate documents as
requested by the Italian Consulate in Izmir to the tourism firm . When
the Consulate officials wanted to talk with her personally, Tekin went
to Izmir but they wouldn't issue her a visa, declaring that 'it is not possible
for a woman of this age in Turkey to have acquired this much property

Tekin was shocked by this turn of events and said 'Italy accepts terrorist
groups but treats me like I'm in the mafia. There's nothing in my life that
is illegal.'  Tekin has sent a request to the travel agency via a notery asking
to reclaim all her expenses, which amount to 2,295TL for the cost of the
tour, 883 Euros, and the travel costs for her trip to Izmir. She has also
given instructions to a lawyer to file a suit against the Italian Consulate for

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