15 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

Blog Editor Caught in Illegal Sledding Caper

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 February 2012)

//reluctantly, we provide photographic evidence of our blog's editor
involved in this illegal activity at Lake Abant in mid-January 2012//

Despite the fact that it is forbidden to sled with an inner tube on the snow
-covered hills of Abant Nature Park in Bolu, 20 villagers who rented inner
tubes to vacationers have been fined 170TL each for commiting a crime 'in
violation of the misdemeanor law.' When the villagers continued to rent the
inner tubes in spite of the fine, the tubes were confiscated by officials from
the Forest and Water Affairs Directorate.

The Directorate outlawed sledding with inner tubes at the park four years
ago. Nevertheless, villagers from the surrounding hamlets continued to rent
the tubes for 10TL per half hour. The Directorate determined that the
villagers were acting contrary to the Long-term Abant Development Plan
and warned the villagers not to rent out the inner tubes last month. When
the villager did not desist Gendarmerie and Directorate teams recorded the
offense and levied the 170TL fines. Confiscation of the tubes followed
because the villagers did not heed the fines' intention.

Director Özkan Yavuz stated that 'We warned them a month ago. Everything
done at Abant has to have permission and the chiefs of the surrounding
villages made no request for permission from us. Twenty villagers were fined
and when they continued with the activity the inner tubes were confiscated.
We did this so that no vacationer is harmed or injured. We won't allow any
sledding henceforth.'

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