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Casanova 'Captain' Finally Gets Crunched

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 January 2012)

Selçuk Çil bamboozled a great many women into having relations with
him and he hookwinked them with promises of marriage, as well, using
the false identity and uniform of a captain. This has exposed a security
failure in the General Staff Headquarters.

Çil deserted from the army in Diyarbakır in 2010. With the identity card
of another he had a captain's uniform tailored and seduced many women,
who, in their statements to police, have said that they went in and out
of the General Staff Headquarters with Çil. They also stated that they
shopped at military canteens and frequented officer clubs and military
areas. It is understood that Züleyha Y. underwent treatment at GATA
military hospital with Çil.

Three women, one an employee of the police named F.K., filed
complaints with the public prosecutor on separate occasions. Based
on the prosecutor's directions, police placed the fake captain under
surveillance. A female police official from the pickpocket and fraud
bureau made contact with Çil over the internet, introducing herself as
a housewife. On the day they met Çil was arrested.

During the subsequent investigation, women with whom Çil had had
relations and hoodwinked were contacted and gave statements. Seven
of these 30 women gave depositions to the court, claiming that they
had met Çil over the internet; that they had trusted him because he
was a captain; that their bank cards were used; and that their
automobiles were sold. 

Based on the complaints of these women, among them a teacher,
an interpreter and housewives, Çil is being tried in Ankara's 9th
Serious Crimes Court, accused of using a uniform, entering forbidden
military zones, falsely using an official document, fraud, threatening
with a weapon, blackmail and insulting.

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