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Pooch's Feast Leads Police to Crooks

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 January 2012)

Thieves entered a butcher shop the night before last in the Fevzi Çakmak
neighborhood of Konya's Karatay district and took 50 kilograms of meat
and two computers. The next morning police took fingerprints from the
scene but then followed a dog that crossed in front of them, holding a
piece of meat in its mouth. The dog took another piece of meat from a
bag hidden among farm equipment about 500 meters from the crime
scene and went on its way.

Together with the meat stolen from the shop, police also found the two
computers containing the video images from the store. Based on the
images police were able to identify career thieves Sait Nurçin (23) and
Mazul K.(17) as the suspects. They were taken into custody after a raid
on their homes. The suspects stated that 'we were under the influence of
narcotics. When our load became too heavy we stashed it thinking
we would get it later. We sold the monitors.' The two were transported
to jail.

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