17 Şubat 2012 Cuma

Harem Redux at Topkapı Palace

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 February 2012)

In recent months, Topkapı Palace has been rocked first by a crazed Libyan
gunman and then by the suicide of a security guard. Now there's been a new
shock. An investigation has been started into allegations that some workers
engaged in sexual relation in the Third Courtyard, where sacred items are
kept and where the harem was located.

A complaint was made to the palace administration based on the allegation
that a palace worker named T.A. was observed in an inappropriate activity
with a 26 year-old cleaning lady in a room alongside the harem area. When
a separate complaint was made about this same woman engaging in similar
relations with another palace worker Topkapı Saray Director Ayşe
Erdoğdu began the investigation.

T.A. provided a statement and was transferred to another job. Two other
workers gave statements and the woman involved was let go. The visual
images from security cameras, which are placed throughout the palace,
were reviewed by palace officials who confirmed that the incidents had
taken place but declined to provide details.

The Kuran is read 24 hours a day in the Hırka-i Saadet (mantle of the
prophet preserved here as a relic) section of  the palace, which is located
in the Third Courtyard.

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