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'Genies', Not Humans, Beat Him Up

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(XHaber Website, 19 February 2012)

In Antalya, a 41 year-old married woman named M.E. asked 'genie chief''
Ismail A. for help freeing herself from the pestering of her old boyfriend
Soner B. So Ismail A. had three of his cadre of genies beat up Soner B.
and spray his car with bullets. Ismail A. called M.E. afterwards and
reported that 'he got the lesson he deserved. I sent my genies and they
gave him a good penalty.'

M.E., who lives in Dutlubahçe neighborhood in Muratpaşa district,
allegedly hired Ismail A. for money to rid herself of Soner B., the old
boyfriend who wanted to get back together with her, pestering her by
continually calling on the phone. Ismail A. told M.E. 'give me his
particulars and I'll put a spell on him in the course of a week. He won't
come near you after that.'

M.E. told Ismail A. that Soner B. waits for her in his car in front of her
house each day. Ismail A. then gave his assistant Ali K. (34) the address
and the car's license plate number, telling him 'this fellow is bothering
the lady. Take a couple of guys with you and beat him up.' Ali K. took
Mehmet I. (29) and Gökhan Y. (23) with him to Dutlubahçe, found
Soner B. in his car, beat him and sprayed the car with bullets, before

M.E. heard the noise and gunshots coming from in front of her house
around midnight. Ismail A. called her and said that 'he got a good lesson.
My genies gave him his just penalty.' Police began an investigation and
based on Soner B.'s statement soon found their way to his old girlfriend
M.E. who told police that those who beat up Soner B. weren't humans,
they were genies that she had asked Ismail A. to send so she would be
free from Soner B.

Police first took Ismail A. and Ali K. into custody. Shortly afterwards
they picked up Mehmet I. and Gökhan Y. The attackers said in their
statements to police that they received money from M.E. after the



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