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The Lady Packs a Wallop

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 February 2012)

In Istanbul, cardiologist Sedat S. has filed a 6,000TL suit against his wife
Gaye S., claiming that she inflicted violence on him. Allegedly, when the
incident in question occurred Gaye S. was driving the car they were in and
punched her husband in the eye. The couple's divorce suit is also continuing.

Sedat S. works in the cardiology department at Avukat Cengiz Gökçek
State Hospital in Gaziantep. Wife Gaye S. works as a teacher in Istanbul
and they have filed argumentative divorce suits based on irreconcilable
differences.  The couple has lived apart for two years and met in Istanbul
to talk for the last time.

After their chat, the two drove together to Atatürk Airport but began
arguing in the car. Gaye S., who was driving, allegedly lost her temper
and punched her husband in the eye causing the doctor's glasses to
break. This resulted in black and blue marks around his eye.

Sedat S. obtained a report from a hospital that he had been injured because
of the punch thrown by his wife and he filed a complaint with the
public prosecutor to this effect. Consequently, a case was opened against
Gaye S. in Bakırköy Small Claims Court for insulting and injuring her
spouse. Not satisfied with this, Sedat S. opened a 6,000TL compensation
suit against Gaye S. in a higher court in Bakırköy for the same offenses.

Sedat S.'s lawyer, Bedriye Iclal Poyraz, told the court that defendent
Gaye S. had previously insulted and threatened her client.

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