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Coincidence? Parliamentarian Thinks Not

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 February 2012)

When the prostitute character in the new ATV series 'Uçurum' (Precipice)
was given the name 'Nur Serter' this opened the way for a fierce reaction
from CHP (Republican Peoples Party) Parliamentarian Prof. Dr. Nur Serter.

Serter said that she has had a warning sent to the television station to start
the legal process rolling and filed a complaint with RTÜK (Turkey's FCC
for radio and TV content). Yesterday, Sabah Newspaper (ATV's print
journalism cousin) published a profile of the ATV series, which has just
come on the screen, in its Günaydın supplement. The photos and names
of the series's charaters were published in the profile, with mention of
Esra Ronbahar in the role of 'Nur Serter'. The character's particulars were
explained as follows: 'She's Yaman's right hand...she's in love with him
and hates him at the same time. She's moved from being a prostitute to
being a madam.'

Parliamentarian Serter stated that 'such a coincidence isn't possible. Quite
more than a coincidence, it was done on purpose. Because my first name
and surname aren't ones that would come together by coincidence. I
think that this was done with a particular aim in mind.'

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