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Yet Another Casanova 'Captain' Strikes!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 February 2012)

The owner of a casting agency that arranges actors for TV shows and
movies, Türkan S., lost 20,000TL to Hasan Zöngür who passed himself
off as a captain. Zöngür, from Konya, had put a photo of himself in
uniform on a social website and in his profile had written 'looking for
someone to marry.'

The fake officer, who claimed to be a bachelor but who is in fact married
and a father, persuaded Türkan S. to come to Konya after exchanging
messages with her. When Türkan S. was in Konya she noticed that
those around Zöngür addressed him as 'commander'. In order to make
his case more believable Zöngür had enlisted his friends into the

When Türkan S. returned to Istanbul she sent Zöngür 20,000TL that
he requested from her. Zöngür didn't repay the money when he said
he would and asked instead for more money, threatening to put
compromising photos he had taken of Türkan S. on the internet.
At this point, Türkan S. filed a complaint with the public prosecutor.
The 43 year-old Türkan S. also sent a file to the General Staff and
claimed that Zöngür had tricked many other women with similar

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