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Inmates Seek Deluxe Sea-View Accommodations

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 February 2012)

Two people serving time in the Kayseri and Çorum prisons have fabricated
crimes in order to be transferred to the super-luxurious sea-view L-type
open-closed prison at Alanya in Antalya province.

Prisoner R.K. (28) in the Çorum jail sent a petition to the Alanya court
saying that he woud plead guilty for an unsolved murder. R.K. was then
brought to Alanya and said in the statement he made to the prosecutor
that he knew where the two murdered individuals were buried. However,
he subsequently admitted that this was not true and that he had concocted
the plan to move to the Alanya prison because he couldn't stand the one
in Çorum.

Explaining further, R.K. said that a person he met in prison told him that
if he said he had committed a crime in Alanya he could be transferred to
the prison there. So that's why he had made the false statement. A new
case was brought against R.K. for making up a crime and he was sent
back to Çorum prison.

Last year, A.K. (36), a prisoner in the Kayseri jail, wrote a petition
stating that four years ago he had placed bombs along a valley road.
A.K. said that he got the bombs from three Lebanese Hamas militants
who were protesting the presence of Israeli ships at Alanya. A.K.
gave the petition to the Kayseri court but it was determined that he
had done so to get a transfer to the Alanya prison. An additional
charge for this offense was then filed against him.


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