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Party-Hearty Sheep Thief Nabbed

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(Bursa News, 8 February 2012)

Reşit Kamer (44) stole 11 sheep from a barn in Inegöl district of Bursa
but was caught by the Gendarmerie while partying at a nightclub. It has
been learned that the Gendarmerie tracked the suspect based on the tire
prints left by the vehicle at the crime scene and security videos from the

The thief entered the sheepfold of farmer Semih Dinç along the Çeltikçi
village road in Inegöl and stole Dinç's only means of livlihood - the 11
sheep. When Dinç realized his sheep were gone he informed the
Gendarmerie about the incident. Investigating the sheepfold, the
Gendarmerie found that the vehicle used in the theft was of the
light commercial type. By reviewing video from the route to
and from the crime scene, the Gendarmerie identified the license plate
and determined that the vehicle had been rented.

Next, the Gendarmerie made contact with the car rental firm and learned
that the commercial vehicle had been rented by Reşit Kamer, who has
a record of four robberies. Hearing that Kamer has a weakness for
partying at night clubs, the Gendarmerie looked into this aspect of the
case. Subsequently, Kamer was picked up at a night club and confessed
to the crime, explaining that 'I was going to celebrate with the money
I borrowed from a friend, based on the prospect of selling the sheep,
but it didn't happen. I never thought I'd be arrested this quickly.'

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