29 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

Obama Gets Liver, Not Money, from Diyarbakır

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 28 February 2012)

Swindlers have forged the signature of U.S. President Barack Obama and
used White House stationary in sending an email to Diyarbakır Mayor
Osman Baydemir, asking him to contribute money to Obama's presidential
re-election campaign. The email requested that Baydemir keep his
contribution a secret and provided a bank account number for him to send
the money to.

Baydemir figured out that the email, which was sent to Diyarbakır city's
official email address, was from swindlers so he sent an answer to the
originating email address. In his reply, Baydemir addressed Obama as
'Dear President' and said that he couldn't provide any money but he
invited Obaman to be his guest at a liver restaurant in Diyarbakır.

//portion of the email sent to Baydemir in less-than-sparkling English//

'As you may also know that we do have Presidential Elections which will
be held this year. We would like to see support and contributions from
our friends and allies during Presidential Campaign Funding. Regarding to
this matter White House Senior Assistant Mr. David Plouffe and
Assistant Advisor Mr. Taner Kulug will be communicating with you...'

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