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Escapee Shoots Lover, Calls Police for Help

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 February 2012)

Özden Özsüt (51), a married father of two living in Bursa, entered into a
relationship with Melek Özdemir (28), who had divorced her husband. A
little while ago Özsüt was convicted of fraud and has been serving his
sentence at the Gemlik half-way house jail. While exchanging letters with
Özdemir, Özsüt learned that she wanted to end their relationship so last
week he escaped from the jail.

The evening before last at about 5 PM, Özsüt went to the young woman's
home in Osmangazi district to try to dissuade her from leaving him.  But
Özdemir insisted on breaking up, saying to him 'you're married. Let's end
this relationship. I don't want to live as a home-wrecker. Please, go back
to jail.'  Hearing this, Özsüt fired his unlicensed revolver and shot Ozdemir
in both legs.

Özsüt couldn't bear to hear his lover pleading in pain for help so he first
called the 112 emergency assistance line and then 155, asking for a police
team to come.  As the injured Özdemir was taken to the hospital, Özsüt
surrendered his revolver and himself to the police.


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