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Fantasy Turned Nightmare for Chatty Chap

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 February 2012)

In Şişli, Istanbul, F.G.(29) complained to police that his girlfriend Ecem M.
(21) and her old boyfriend had mugged him. F.G. explained in his statement
to police that 'I've had a relationship with Ecem M., who works at the same
place I do, for three and a half months. She called me on 1 February and said
'I have a big surprise for you. I'm going to give you a night you'll never forget.
Get our engangement rings and come.'

'We met in Taksim Square at 7 P.M. and she said that she'd arranged for a
hotel room. We went there together. She had a bag with her, saying that
we'd have a fantasy night, and she took out plastic handcuffs,tying me to
the bed. We both put masks on too. After  taping my mouth shut she left
the room. When she returned, with her was a masked person who began to
beat me. At this point I broke free from the handcuffs and fought back.
But then they sprayed pepper gas in my face. I feinted and when I came
to I was alone in the room. The 300 TL in my wallet, along with the
engagement rings and my cellphone, were gone.'

Police took Ecem M. and her partner in crime Deniz Ç. into custody.
In her statement to police, Ecem M. said that 'we had a nice relationship
at the start. I was thinking of getting married. But I found out a little
while later that he had told all his friends at work everything about
our relationship. They knew everything about our private life. I got
really mad about this and thought up this revenge plan. I regret it now.'
Ecem M. and Deniz Ç. were placed under arrest by the duty judge.

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