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Witch's Genies Useless Despite Police Protection

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 31 January 2012)

Police conducted Operation Storm-2 in Antalya and 18 gang members were
taken into custody, including the leader, Gendarmerie Commander of Finike
District Captain M.P., a woman and a specialist sergeant. Ten of the 18 were
arrested and eight were freed pending trial. The gang members were surveilled
by technical and physical means prior to the operation, which was conducted
in Tunceli, Adana and Antalya. Under the protection of the Gendarmerie,
the gang made 12 excavations at the sites of ancient ruins working day and

It turns out that despite the fact that the village chief and citizens noticed
what was happening and reported it, the Gendarmerie didn't take any action.
The one woman suspect of the 18 brought to court is Aliye Ikbal Karababa,
who lives in Ankara but who moved to Antalya because of the excavations.
She talks about 'magic' and says there are genies. In her telephone conversa-
tion she said 'I sent Cafer and Abdullah there. They'll identify the sites and
tell me. Based on this the excavations will be done.'

Police then looked for two persons named 'Abdullah' and 'Cafer' for 15 days.
In her statement, Karababa did not talk about genies but did say that 'my
sixth sense is very powerful. That's why wherever there's an historical
treasure I'll find it.'  The other suspects related in their own statements to
the police that 'Aliye has genies named Cafer and Abdullah. She gets down
on her knees, does strange things and shows us the right spot. We then dig

Nevertheless, it was determined that in spite of the very deep excavations
at the sites that Karababa identified, nothing could be found.

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