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Tender Trap: Catsup, Hold the Mayo!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 February 2012)

The trap that realtor A.A. fell into in Ankara's Keçiören section was straight
out of the movies. Allegedly, C.S., using the assumed name of Ahsen,
introduced herself to A.A. as a teacher, saying she wanted to buy a home.
After A.A. showed C.S. some houses they agreed on one for 150,000TL.
The next day C.S. called A.A. and said 'I'm not feeling well. If you come
to my house  I can give you the money.'

C.S. met A.A. at the door in a low-cut dress and said that her husband was
doing his military service. She invited A.A. into her bedroom but at that
moment four men, one of them claiming to be C.S.'s husband, entered the
home with knives in their hands. Sinan D., C.S.'s supposed husband,
shouted threats while waving the knife and told his friends to take C.S.
to the kitchen.

Using catsup to give C.S. the look of a bloodied corpse, Sinan D. told
A.A. 'I killed my wife. If you tell anyone I'll kill you too.' A.A. was then
forced to sign five blank negotiable documents and Sinan D. took his
cellphone and 250TL, as well, before leaving the house with his three

A.A. went to the kitchen, saw C.S.'s 'bloody' body and realized it was
catsup, not blood. He called police who then determined the addresses
of the four attackers from their cellphone registrations and took them
into custody. C.S. fled and is being sought.

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