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Police Snooze and Lose Cocaine King

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 February 2012)

Mehmet Said Özmen got leave from Silivri prison because of his brother's
death but the facts behind his escape from the funeral home have come out.
It is alleged that Özmen escaped through a window on the night of
1 February while First Sergeant Ö.K. and specialist sergeants M.K., F.E.
and five soldiers were sleeping either in a room in the house of in the
Gendarmerie vehicle parked in front of it.

Özmen had been caught on 28 January 2011 while trying to smuggle
281 kilograms of cocaine, with a market value 30 million dollars, out of
the country and was put in prison along with brothers Abdullah and
Çağdaş Baybaşin.

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