5 Kasım 2014 Çarşamba

9/11 Villain as Hair-Removal Pitchman

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Posta Newspaper, 5 November 2014)

ABD'yi şaşırtan<br> Türk firması
Proof! These celebs never actually use the product they endorse!

In an advertisement for a hair-removal spray published on the
internet by a Turkish cosmetic company, a photograph of the 11
September 2001 Al Kaida mastermind Khalid Shaikh Muhammed
was used.

The company made the following announcement: "We found the
photograph on the internet. He's a very hairy fellow and we chose
his picture because he was appropriate for our product. We didn't
know he was a terrorist."  Khalid Shaikh Muhammed is currently
being held at Guantanamo prison in Cuba, facing a death sentence.

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