3 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

A Duel is No Laughing Matter

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 November 2014)

Korodaki kahkaha için düello daveti
After 30 paces be careful not to fall off the stage...

Salih Turhan, a soloist in the Istanbul State Folk Music Chorus, has
filed a complaint with the public prosecutor because of a laughing
dispute with another member of the chorus.  On 25 September a concert
at which the chorus performed, under the direction of  Chief Ugur Kaya,
was the scene of the unusual dispute.

As Turhan, who had taken the stage as a soloist, was addressing the
audience a woman in the chorus could be heard laughing.  Since the
hall was silent at the time the audience could not help but hear the
laugh and Turhan was put in an awkward position. Subsequently,
Turhan spoke with the chorus members and related the unpleasantness
of the incident. He asked that the laugher step forward and apologize
to the chorus and to himself.

At this point, chorus member Hamdiye Mutlu revealed that she was
the laugher but she explained that the reason she laughed had nothing
to do with Turhan.  Hamdiye Mutlu then apologized to the chorus but
not to Turhan.

Evidently Hamdiye Mutlu related the incident to her husband because,
according to Turhan, a few hours later he received a call from a
number he did not recognize. The caller was Hamdiye Mutlu's husband
Mehmet Mutlu who began insulting Turhan and challenged him to a
duel.  The public prosecutor has begun an investigation based on Turhan's

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