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Mooo! Purest Natural Gas Energy

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 November 2014)

Elektrik borcunuz varsa inek alın!
                        Got methane?

Cows release the most methane gas of any creature in the
world and henceforth it will be used to create electricity.
Geophysics engineers Yalcin Ozturk and Safak Karatepe,
along with electronics engineer Mert Cakman, at Istanbul
Technical University (ITU) have developed a system to
collect cows' methane gas and convert it to electricity.

The system is called BioCower and the initial target is to
install it in 4,000 stables with more than 100 milk cows,
adding revenue of between 700 and 2,300 TL ($350-$1,100)
to the farmers' income.

Cakman explained that "a person produces 0.5 liters of
methane gas in a day, whereas cows produce an average
of 580 liters per day. We'll collect this cow gas and turn it
into electricity.  The thing that motivated us was a news
report from Duseldorf, Germany, in January about a stifled
stable with 90 cows that was in danger of exploding."

Safak Karatepe: one of three guys milking a good idea.

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