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Sports Edition: Clean-shaven Players Only!

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(Sozcu Newspaper,16 November 2014)

No beard for owner Cavcav (but he won't give up the mustache.)

Ilhan Cavcav, the president of the Genclerbirligi football team
and one of the long-time leaders of Turkish football, has made
waves with his latest decision.  Cavcav met with his colleagues
at Genclerbirligi in Ankara and gave instructions to the effect
that any of his players who takes the field bearded will be fined
25,000 TL ($12,000).  If the bearded player continues to defy
the ban he will be let go from the team.

Cavcav indicated that he is adamant about his decision, stating
that "I'm 80 years old and I shave every day. The coach of
Besiktas, Bilic, wears a beard, as does (Fenerbahce goalie)
Volkan.  What's going on?  Is this an Imam Hatip (religious)
school or something?  You're playing a sport, you're an
example for young people.  My 23 year-old grandson idolizes
these guys and is wearing a beard.  I tell him to cut it off and
he asks me 'Grandpa, why don't you tell your players the same
thing?'  I told Yildirim Demiroren (head of Turkish football)
'we should have a ban on beards' and he said that UEFA
(European football commission) wouldn't allow it.  I'm fed up
with UEFA. I wish we could play without them. When Demiroren
said he couldn't tell our other teams to impose a beard ban I took
this decision for Genclerbirligi. The other teams should have a
ban but other than me noone is doing anything."

Not looking to play for Genclerbirligi.

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