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'No-Hassle' Car Sale Turns Problematic

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 November 2014)

   Car sellers watch out! 10 million TL fraud!

In Istanbul, a gang that passed itself off as a fancy car
dealership won the trust of luxury car owners, took
their cars without paying for them, and then disappeared.
The amount of the fraud is 10 million TL ($5 million).

The bilking was exposed when computer company owner
Savas Demir sold his Audi A5 car.  As soon as Demir put
an ad for the car on the internet two members of the gang
called, saying they would buy his car without any haggling.

Demir was invited to a car dealership and was met there
by a well-dressed secretary.  The dealership owner A.T.
told Demir that "I have a customer also named Savas. Your
plates are perfect for him (the plates have 'SVS' - for 'Savas').
We'll buy your car for him without any bargaining."

During the conversation the secretary made a point of
interrupting to tell A.T.  "Sir, $100,000 has come. Which
account shall I put it in? And $200,000 has come, where
should we send it?"  Hearing this, Demir was impressed.

Demir went with a couple of the dealership's staff to the
notary to complete the sale and when he was told that the
money for the car had been placed in his account the deal
was done.  However, when Demir checked his account he
found that only 1,750 TL ($850), rather than the agreed-
upon 177,500 TL ($90,000), had been deposited.

Relating this to the dealership staff, Demir was told that
there had been an accounting error and that he should
come to the dealership tomorrow to get his money in cash.
However, when Demir came to the dealership the following
day he found nothing there.

Demir realized that he had been hoodwinked so he checked
around, finding out that his car was now being offered for
sale by another internet dealership for 157,000 TL ($75,000).
Demir went to court, filed a complaint against A.T. and
had a hold put on his car so it cannot be sold.  The public
prosecutor added Demir's name to about 100 others who
have been similarly bilked.

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