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CSI Adana: Cracked Brake Light Nabs Killer

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 November 2014)

          Cameras everywhere anymore...

Neighbors who went to investigate noise from a fight entered
an apartment in Seyhan district of Adana and found Bilal Ayyildiz
(23) lying in a pool of blood.  Ayyildiz had been stabbed 8 times
and he died at the hospital.

Police detectives reviewed security camera footage and noted
that the deceased young man's girlfriend Asuman Karabas, along
with a woman and a child, had left the area in a white automobile.
The police examined the images of the car, the license plate of
which was obscured, with a magnifying glass and noticed that one
of the back brake lights was emitting too much light because of a
crack in it.

          Keep your car inspection-ready!

MOBESE (street security cameras) records detected the car leaving
Adana for Ankara and at Golbasi, just south of Ankara, police
stopped the car in which Karabas, her mother M.K. (60) and her
14 year-old son were riding.

Karabas admitted to killing Ayyildiz. She explained that she works
as a nightclub singer and earns 500 TL ($250) per night.  With
regard to Ayyildiz, Karabas said that "he was spending all my money.
He didn't work. It became intolerable and I told him I wanted to
break up. He wouldn't leave me alone so I had the lock changed.
He had a locksmith open the door and came in the house.  He
attacked me and I grabbed a knife from the kitchen to defend
myself. When I saw he was injured I got scared and fled."

Ankara province. Golbasi is just south of the capital city.

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