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UFO Expert Tracks Aliens Despite Poverty

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(Posta Newspaper, 4 November 2014)

Space friends aren't helping Yalman pay the bills.

In Ayvalik, Balikesir, Yalcin Yalman, whose photographs of UFO's
have reportedly been investigated and confirmed by NASA, through
the good offices of the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center,
is in dire financial straits.  Yalcin has sold his camera and other
equipment he used to scan the heavens for next to nothing but he
nevertheless enthusiastically continues his observations of the sky
with the naked eye.

Yalman claims to have established communications, by means of a
light source he discovered, with space beings via signals sent to Earth
as the sun goes down.  He asserted that every night tens of UFO's
visit Earth and that space beings are in the deep seas and even have
a colony on the Moon. According to Yalman, the space beings are
of two different types - Zeta and Oregon. He also claims that the
Earth is in the year 1814, based on the Inca calendar.

                                 Zeta and Oregon 

Because of credit card debts Yalman's retirement salaray has been
sequestered and he's having a tough time making ends meet. Neighbors
and friends have been trying to sustain him with meals brought from
their homes.  Yalman is married and has an adult daughter.

As the result of his financial difficulties Yalman's UFO research
has been put on hold. In spite of this, Yalman has determined with
his naked eye that UFO's mostly traverse the skies betwen 3 and 6
a.m. and that Turkey is a favored landing site for UFO's because
of its underground mineral wealth.

Yalman takes pride in having organized conferences and held
lengthy discussions with international astronomers Erich von
Daniken, known for his work "Chariots of the Gods", Nick Poll,
Anthony Orizi and Jayme Mussan, about the photos he has taken.
In the event that Yalman can find a patron, he vows to buy a new
telescope, tripod and other equipment to take pictures that will
startle the world once again.

Ayvalik is on the Aegean coast, in Balikesir province.

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