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'Doctor' Irresistible 4 Ladies

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 9 November 2014)

               Will play doctor for dollars.

Four women living in Istanbul went separately to the public prosecutor,
claiming they were bilked by R.E. who said he was a doctor.  All of the
women said that they met R.E. on the internet and that R.E. introduced
himself to them as "Dr. Cem Arda Soyturk".  After long chats, the 'doctor'
won their confidence and they had relations.

The four women claimed to have given R.E. a total of 500,000 TL
($250,000). When they learned that R.E. was not a doctor they wanted
their money back but received nothing.  Based on the women's claims,
R.E. was taken into custody by Besiktas police. During questioning
R.E. stated that he is unemployed. He added that "one time I said that
I was a doctor. Since they didn't ask again I saw no need to say it again.
It's true that I got money from them but they were loans. I'll pay them
back."  R.E. was released pending trial.

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