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Confirmed Bachelor, But Not by Choice

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 November 2014)

Erdal, still a bachelor.  Femme fatale Yonka, working the net.

Soner Erdal works as a day laborer in Yalvac district of  Isparta
province.  Four times Erdal has been engaged to be married but
each time the wedding fell through.

On 3 November, Erdal met a woman on the internet who
identified herself as Yonko Simenov, living in Bulgaria. Erdal
described what happened next as follows: "we chatted in a
lovey-dovey way. She said she would come to Turkey but
needed money for a passport and visa.  First I sent her 255
Euros and then another 600 Euros for her plane ticket and
expenses.  As I waited for her to tell me she was on her way
to Antalya, she asked for 2,000 Euros more. That's when I
realized I was being taken for a ride. There's no trace of her

The 32 year-old Erdal had this advice for young men: "I'm
warning young fellows, I was burnt but don't you get burnt.
Don't get taken in by these kinds of tricks."

Yalvac district is in the north of Isparta province.

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