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Winnebago of Love*

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 November 2014)

(* headline should be recited to the tune of Love Rollercoaster,
/The Ohio Players - 1975/, as provide herewith: )

Representative Winnebago photo - recognize it?

Y.C. (43), a parking lot attendant in ANET, a subcontractor
for the Antalya municipality, had an affair with former ANET
director Omer A., who then began dating other women.  Omer A.
would bring these other women to the Sarisu picnic area where
his trailer was parked but his last conquest, on 20 January, was
interrupted by a furious Y.C.

At about 2 AM  that night, Y.C. caught Omer A. in the buff
with another woman. After recovering from the shock of the
raid, Omer A. beat Y.C. who then escaped from the trailer and
began smashing Omer A.'s official car with her own vehicle.

After the official car had become a total wreck, Y.C. was afraid
of the wrath of Omer A. and the security personnel at the scene
so she called the police. Y.C. claimed to the police that Omer A.
had used her as a sex object and she added that "we had an affair
in the summer, in the biblical sense. Our relationship ended a
month and a half ago but Omer A. would summon me whenever
he had a mind to. Since I was afraid of being fired I met with
him. He beat me three times but I didn't file a complaint for
fear of losing my job."

In the aftermath of the trailer incident, Y.C. requested protection.
For his part, Omer A. confirmed what had happened at the
trailer. Antalya's 5th Family Court ruled that Y.C. should get
protection for six months and Omer A. was issued a warning.

The whole incident came to light when ANET officials started
an investigation after finding the wrecked official car at a
body shop.  

Sarisu picnic area, site of Omer A.'s love nest.

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