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'I'm Not a Doctor But I Play One at the Hospital'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 November 2014)

Well, he certainly looks like a TV doctor...

At Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in Istanbul, Ergulu T. took
money from patients and their relations by identifying
himself as a doctor.  He was caught when the hospital's
security chief became aware of the situation.

Ergulu T. was brought to the police station by hospital
security personnel and at first he claimed to be a doctor.
After an examination of his background, however, the
ruse became clear and Ergulu T. confessed.  It turned out
that Ergulu T. even hoodwinked his fiance, who was with

Fiance Eda E. lamented that Ergulu T. had told her that his
father had cancer and she gave him 2,000 TL for his father's
'treatment'.  Eda E. added that she had met Ergulu T. on
Facebook (!), where he had identified himself as a doctor.
When Eda E. found out the truth she was shocked.

Two patients who gave Ergulu T. money, as well as Eda E.,
filed complaints against him. The public prosecutor opened
a case against Ergulu T. for fraud and he was jailed. Ergulu T.
faces a 19 year prison sentence.

The site of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in Istanbul.


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