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High Seas Edition: ISIS Cruisers; Conn. Concubine

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Posta and Taraf Newspapers, 8 November 2014)

           Kathy Lee as ISIS facilitator? 

Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) announced that
cihadist militants have started to come to Turkey on cruise ships, in
order to reach Iraq and Syria, because of  increased Turkish border
controls at other entry points.   Consequently, Interpol stated that
passenger list checks must be extended to sea travel, as well as air

Interpol's Pierre St. Hilaire said that the cihadists mostly go to Kocaeli
(Izmit) in Turkey via cruise ships. The American magazine Newsweek
published a story about individuals from Kocaeli's Dilovasi district
travelling to Syria by minibus to join ISIS.  The story - headlined
"Cihad Highway" - was denied by the Kocaeli governor.

       Kocaeli (Izmit) is southeast of Istanbul.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 November 2014)

    Why do politicians need yachts anyway?

Prior to the gubernatorial election in Connecticut in  America,
there was a argument between Republican candidate Tom Foley
and Democrat Daniel P. Malloy about the word 'odalisque', used
for female slaves in the Ottoman period.

During the last TV debate between the two candidates a questioner
asked "what names have you given to your yachts?"  Foley's response
to the question was "Odalisque", which refers to the women slaves
of the Ottoman harem.  Governor Malloy then commented that "if my
boat's name was that of a sex slave I'd change it right away."

Foley, though, countered that he is an art-lover and added that
"Odalisque is a name which very important painters gave to their
works, including (Jean Auguste Dominique) Ingress's major work.
They were used by Mattisse as an example. Throughout history
yachts have been given women's names. The real meaning of
odalisque is "beautiful woman". It doesn't mean sex slave."

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