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Name of Record: Ucarturnagurbetgezerdiyardiyarellerde

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 November 2014)

Rekora yetmedi 37 harfe çıkacak
Hoping to be a lyric in the next Mary Poppins film.

Mehmet Neytullah Ucarturnagurbetgezer of Diyarbakir is preparing to
extend his surname to "Ucarturnagurbetgezerdiyardiyarellerde" in order
to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ucarturnagurbetgezer(59)  (his surname means 'flying crane who wanders
in strange places') works for a state organization and has 4 children.  He
explained that his father chose the 20-letter surname to reflect his constant
wandering but now Neytullah wants to extend it to 37 letters.  He added
that he is happy when people are surprised by his surname, which is like
something from a folk song.

Neytullah stated that thanks to a new law he can extend his name without
a court ruling to "Ucarturnagurbetgezerdiyardiyarellerde".  Neytullah is
known in his circles for playing his 'saz' (lute) and singing folk songs. He
he also wants to be known for the longest surname in Turkey, with a
place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Neytullah, who was born in Diyarbakir's Dicle district, said that his
father changed the family name from Akcakaya to Ucarturnagurbetgezer.
A while ago Neytullah decided to extend the name with the words
"diyar diyar ellerde" (meaning 'strangers in other lands') but was foiled
because the name wouldn't fit on an identity card.

Having such a long name can sometimes create problems, according
to Neytullah. When obtaining a police report he had to wait 3 hours
because of the length of his name and his children have been bothered
at university for the same reason. Nevertheless, Neytullah proclaimed
that "in spite of the difficulties I won't give up my surname."

Dicle district is in the north of Diyarbakir province.

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