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No Country for Old Mothers-in-Law

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 November 2014)

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mother-in-law compliments of Ernie K-Doe

'Asıl katil babam'
Well, no more mothers-in-law left to complain about.

In Diyarbakir, Melek Calar was arrested for killing her mother-
in-law as revenge against her husband, who killed Melek's
mother.  In her statement, Melek took responsibility for the
murder. However, yesterday in court she changed her mind,
declaring that the real murderer was her father.

According to Melek, "my father put gloves on and killed my
mother-in-law.  Then he gave the gun to me so my prints
would be on it and had me fire the gun into the air to ensure
there was  gunpowder residue on my hand.  My brother
threatened me, saying 'if our father goes to jail he won't let
you live.' But I'm not afraid anymore because my children
are in state care. The real killer is my father."

As for father Cuco Calar, he claimed that his daughter was
slandering him.  The court decided that both father and
daughter would remain under arrest and the hearing was

The trouble began when Melek, who is married to her cousin
Mehmet Karadayi, gave a bracelet to her father.  An argument
ensued between Melek and Mehmet. When Mehmet came to
Melek's parents' house to make up he instead began firing his
gun wildly, killing his mother-in-law Edibe Calar. A year later,
for revenge, his mother Besra Karadayi was murdered.

Diyarbakir province. Tough on M-I-L's

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