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The Truth Will Out, 19 Year Later

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(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 18 November 2014)

19 years later, brotherly code of silence breaks down.

In the hamlet of Cirakman in Samsun's Tekkekoy district,
shepherd Saban Bayri, the father of three, returned from
grazing his herd one day in 1995 and found his wife Habibe
with Mehmet Eray (44) in an indelicate situation.  Bayri then
went to see Eray's brother Musa and told him what he had

At this point, Habibe Bayri (47), Mehmet and Musa Eray
(40) made a plan to kill Saban Bayri.  First, Musa invited
Saban to go drinking and they went to a secluded spot,
whereupon Mehmet, who had been hiding out in the
same area, snuck into the back seat and strangled Saban,
who was sitting in the front.

The Eray brothers then dug a 1.5 meter grave, dumped
Saban in it and burned his body.  Subsequently, Habibe
and Mehmet continued their relationship, with Habibe
reporting to the police that her husband had disappeared.

However, in 2001 Habibe went back to the police to
report that the Eray brothers had killed Saban.  But she
subsequently changed her statement, saying that Mehmet
had beaten her so she was only trying to make trouble for
him as revenge.

Habibe and Mehmet Eray officially married in 2006 but
the police continued to suspect foul play and put pressure
on the three. Ultimately, Musa Eray cracked and two days
ago he told police that "my older brother Mehmet had a
romantic relationship with Habibe. When Saban found out
about it he told me because we were good friends. That's
when Mehmet, Habibe and I made the plan to kill Saban."

Police reported this to the public prosecutor who had Musa
brought to the grave site to show where Saban had been
buried.  Saban's bones and clothes were found in the grave.

Samsun province. Tekkekoy district is on the Black Sea coast.

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