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A Heart Can Only Take So Much...

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 February 2015)

Kablo krizi
Fate finally pulled the plug on Halil Arli's fragile heart.

Halil Arli had a heart attack 4 years ago when he discovered his
wife of 10 years  with another man, in Corlu district of Tekirdag
province. Nevertheless, Arli made up with the mother of his three
children. But when she cheated on him again, he had another
heart attack.

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Real heart battered in Corlu, Tekirdag.

Since his heart was now in such bad shape, Arli had an artificial
heart attached last year at Ege University in Izmir.  This time,
Arli left his wife and gave his children up for adoption (!). He
moved to Ulukoy in Canakkale province to start a new life.

On 21 July, Arli was involved in a motorcycle accident, falling
off the back seat.  He was able to hold on tightly to the artificial
heart hanging from his shoulder and survived.

However, on  17 February he suffered a bicycle accident and
wasn't so lucky.  As he fell from the bike, the cable in his artificial
heart snapped and a blood clot developed, requiring an operation.
Despite the best efforts of doctors, Arli passed away on Tuesday.

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Artificial heart broke in Ulukoy, Ezine, Canakkale province.

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