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Kim Kardashian's Turkey Roots Are Showing

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 February 2015)

          The resemblance is uncanny...

Armenian-American TV star Kim Kardashian's family roots are
based in Turkey.   Photographs of the forefathers of Kardashian (34)
have been published by the (British) Dail Mail newspaper.  In one
photograph, Hovannes Miroyan, Kardashian's grandfather, four
generations removed, is seen wearing a 'fez' cap. His wife was
Lusyak Corbaciyan.

On Kardashian's mother's side, the Miroyan-Corbaciyan couple left
Erzurum with their daughter Vartanus for the USA in the early
1900's.  Once there, Vartanus married Arakel Arakelyan and their
daughter Helen Arakelyan married an immigrant from Kars named
Arthur Kardashian.

Helen and Arthur's son Robert became a famous lawyer and married
American producer Kris Jenner.  Their daughter is Kim Kardashian.
On Kim's father's side, her great-grandfather Tatos came to the USA
from Kars in 1913. According to the Daily Mail, around that time an
11 year-old soothsayer predicted a great and bloody war, prompting
many Armenian families to emigrate to other countries.


Two years ago the Daily Mail published a story about  Muhammed
Copur, who claimed to be a distant relative of Kim and hoped to have
tea with her.  This time around, though, Copur is keeping silent about
his supposed famous relative because of harassment from other
villagers and the Turkish press.

Rumor has it that Kim will visit Armenia for the first time, in
connection with the 100th anniversary of the Armenian incidents of

   Now, lets get Kanye's roots.

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