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Free Electricity Invented!

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(Yerli Haber Internet site, 4 February 2015)

Damdaki Elektrik Üreticisi
         Electric companies beware! Look away!

Yakup Ceylan, who lives in Kepsut district of Balikesir
province, has developed a mechanism that produces
free electricity.  Ceylan is a back-hoe operator and he
said that the electricity cuts he experienced at construction
sites led him to look into the idea of electricity generation.

Ceylan explained his invention as follows: "I'll explain
the device I developed in the most simple way. With a
battery, invertor and my 3 horsepower motor, I developed
a device that produces 3 kilowatts of electricity and a charge
dynamo sustains it. I got a patent for this and I did all the
experimental work on my older brother's pet terrace."

Ceylan went on to say that: "With the plug from the inverter
I power the 3 horsepower motor, which then produces 3
kilowatts of electricity. The charge dynamo keeps the battery
charged. There's no extra expense, just the initial 5,000 TL
(about 2,500) for the materials. After that you'll never pay for
electricity again."

Ceylan explained that he delivered his invention to the Patent
Bureau in 2011 and has completed all the bureau's paperwork.
He can light a lightbulb with his device and says that it can
power other appliances, as well. He said that "I want to develop
this mechanism further. If someone or some organization wants
to help me I would accept an offer."


Kepsut district is just east of Balikesir city.

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