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Ottoman Sultans Aided Irish, Bridged Greeks

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(Haber Turk Newspaper, 11 February 2015)

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Sultan Abdulmejid wanted Irish eyes to smile.

Turkish director Omer Sarikaya is bringing the story of
Sultan Abdulmejid's assistance to Ireland during the great
famine of the mid-19th century to the big screen. Sarikaya
spent two years in Ireland doing research for the project. He
said that filming in Turkey, England and Ireland will begin
this summer for the movie, to be entitled 'Famine'.

Sultan Abdulmejid's financial and food assistance to Ireland,
despite obstacles put before him by England, is the subject
of the film.  According to historians, Abdulmejid wanted to
send the Irish 10,000 sterling in monetary aid but England's
Queen Victoria wanted him to lower the amount to 2,000
because she had only sent that amount to help Ireland.

Abdulmejid agreed to the Queen's request but still sent 10
ships full of food aid to Ireland.  The English tried to block
these shipments but the Ottoman seafarers were able to
reach Ireland with the food.  It is estimated that the food on
the ships had a value 8 times higher than the 10,000 sterling
Abdulmejid had tried to send in the first place.

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'Tis a long way from Istanbul to Dublin.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Vatan Newspaper, 10 February 2015)

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The single-arch Plaka Bridge in western Greece, which Ottoman
Sultan Abdulaziz had built in 1866, collapsed last week because
of heavy rains.  The bridge lies between the cities of Yanya and

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                            and after.

Officials from Athens Polytechnical University and the Greek
Culture Ministry have investigated the collapsed bridge and the
university's dean, Prof. Golias, stated that they have the technical
knowledge required to rebuild the bridge in its original form.
The Culture Ministry's Restoration Directorate General Secretary
Evgenia Gatopulu emphasized the historic and symbolic import
of the bridge for both Greece and the region. Businessman Nikos
Lulis announced that he would meet 50% of the expenses to
repair the bridge.

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       'Tis a long way from Istanbul to Yanya.

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