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Anti-Mini Skirt Patrol Proposed in Antalya

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 February 2015)

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                               Filiz G. and...

In Antalya, deputy principal and German teacher Filiz G. was
transferred from Varsak High School to Kepez Ataturk Anatolia
High School two weeks ago. Last week on monday, Filiz G. held
a meeting with 31 class presidents at the school to discuss
appropriate dress.

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...Nurse Ratched. The resemblance is uncanny...

Allegedly, at the meeting with the class presidents measures
against girls who wear short skirts were considered.  Some of
the class presidents who attended the meeting related what was
said at the meeting to other teachers.

According to what the students said, Filiz G. had remarked that
"Girls at this school wear short skirts and tights. They don't
wear the school outfit.'  Filiz G. had added that in order to prevent
this, boy students should harass girls who wear short skirts. In
this way, the girls would feel uncomfortable and be forced to
switch back to appropriate dress.

Filiz G.'s remarks were brought on the agenda at the following
day's Teachers' Council meeting. When asked by a fellow
teacher about this, Filiz G. said "yes, I said it. If we turn a blind
eye to this extreme dress and they're sexually harassed who's to
blame?"  The teacher who asked the question responded that
"the harasser would be to blame, of course."  This dialogue was
recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Based on instructions from National Education Minister Nabi
Avci, a comprehensive investigation has been started. Antalya
teachers union president Kadir Ozturk said that his organization
will file a criminal complaint, adding that "girls are being
officially targeted. They want to create new Ozgecans*. Telling
boy students to 'harass' is the same a encouraging a crime."

//ed. note: Ozgecan Aslan was brutally murdered and her body
burned by a minibus driver near Mersin a week ago after she
resisted his rape attempt.//

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