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Saving The Trees, Black Sea-style

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 January 2015)

Blue spruces' concrete neighbors ruined the neighborhood.
With Black Sea ingenuity, they found a way to get along.

In Rize, two 20 year-old blue spruce trees have been left
to grow inside the new tea house built at the Ataturk Tea and
Garden Culture Research Institute.   The institute belongs
to the tea-producing company CAYKUR and the Ziraat Tea
Garden is one of  Rize's most prized locations.

Institute Director Ali Kaaoglu explained the decision to
preserve the blue spruces as follows:

       Tree-hugging director Ali Kabaoglu

"We work with tea here and at the same time we're trying
to increase the variety of trees. After all this work, it just
didn't fit in with our principles to cut the trees down. Our
institute was created to nurture plants, not to cut down trees.
We won't harm any tree so that's why we didn't want there
to be any damage done to the trees during the construction
of the new tea house. Thanks to the skill of our master
builders, the trees are safe within the new building."

                   Rize province.

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