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Dirty Little Secret Fends Off Anemia

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(yerlihaber internet site, 29 January 2015)

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 She loves it but won't share her filthy recipes.

Village Chief Sahin Yurttas of Zengen hamlet in Eregli district of
Konya province, has complained to the district health directorate
about women in his village who have been eating  the soil for more
than 20 years, claiming that it helps against anemia.

According to Village Chief Yurttas, the women of the hamlet, which
has a population of 2,500, bring the soil by the bucket to their homes
and eat it.  Yurttas explained that "health departments teams came and
took samples. The women in our hamlet think that eating the soil is
a defense against anemia so they scarf it down like nuts. To prevent
access to the soil, I surrounded it with barbed wire and put a locked
door there, too.  But that proved ineffective.'

"Our women's husbands are fed up with their wives eating the soil
so they don't say anything. In any case, the women persuade their
husbands to let them eat it.  I can't do anything more so I asked for
help from the district health directorate. Hopefully, they can solve
the problem."

Zubeyde Karakus came to the hamlet as a bride years ago and after
eating the soil she couldn't stop: "I eat the soil like I eat nuts. I believe
it's good for anemia."  Eregli District Health Chief Mehmet Emin
Gunay stated that female deaths in Zengen hamlet are usually from
cancer. He added that they have counselled the women of Zengen not
to eat the soil but in vain.

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Eregli district is in southeastern Konya province.

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