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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Prison

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 February 2015)

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Your mother never told you hitchhiking is dangerous?

In Istanbul, four masked robbers who entered a business center,
tied up the watchman and made off with 30,000 TL ($15,000) and
a 150-kilogram safe, were later caught red-handed with the loot
when they hitched a ride on the highway from an unmarked police

The incident occurred around midnight last Friday at a business
center in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul.  The four masked robbers
entered the building where two textile companies have offices.
First they tied up watchman Medeni E. (55) at gunpoint, wrapping
his arms and legs with duct tape.  They next took 20,000 TL from
a steel safe before going to the upper floor where there was a 150-
kilogram safe containing 10,000 TL in cash, along with checks and

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Representative photograph of the four suspects.

The robbers couldn't open the giant safe so they loaded onto their
vehicle.  However, at Sefakoy the robbers panicked when they
encountered a routine police checkpoint and fled. Pursued by police,
the robbers were able to disappear. Later, the stolen vehicle they
used for the heist was found in a forested area in Buyukcekmece.

Having successfully covered their tracks, the robbers hid out in a
shack in the forest.  Afterwards, they went on the highway to hitch
a ride and were offered a lift by an unmarked police car. Caught
red-handed with their stolen goods, the four - Serkan Y. (22), Hasan
I (20), Muhammet O. (26) and I.B. (17) - were taken into custody
and jailed by the court.

It turned out that the wife of one of the robbers is a textile worker
at the business center.

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                  Kucukcekmece, Istanbul

Image result for kucukcekmece buyukcekmece haritasi
          Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

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