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Mobile Pet Shop Boys Nabbed at Border

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 February 2015)

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This much cuteness in one place must be illegal.

1,500 parakeets, 500 parrots, 11 puppies and 30 chickens, ducks
and pheasants were seized from a minibus coming from Greece that
was stopped at the Pazarkule border post the evening before last.
Turkish citizens H.T.S. and Y.D. entered Turkey from Greece in the
minibus through the Pazarkule border post.  Based on a tip, police
from the Edirne anti-smuggling and organized crime bureau stopped
the minibus on Maarif Boulevard in the Dilaverbey neighborhood.

Neither of the suspects could produce a receipt for the animals. H.T.S.
has a pet shop in Istanbul and Y.D. has one in Greece. Based on their
statements to police, it was determined that the suspects collected the
animals from various places in Greece with the intent of smuggling
them into Istanbul.

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 Critters travelled in worse-than-cattle-class.

Since customs officials had no place to care for birds, they did not
take possession of the parakeets, but the other animals were distributed
to farms and pet shops, with permission from the public prosecutor.
The puppies were place in an unused room at the Edirne police station,
where policemen gave them milk.  An investigation has been started
into whether the suspects and the animals passed through customs
when entering Turkey.

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     Pazarkule border post is at Edirne.

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