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ISIS Update: Border Woes, Artsy and Otherwise

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 February 2015)

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Won't be shown at the Rakka Museum of Fine Art

The Gendarmerie in Elazig seized two 17th century paintings
of women that had been taken from a museum sacked by ISIS in
Syria.  A Gendarmerie team received a tip regarding smuggling of
historic works in the Harput area and stopped a vechicle with
Sanliurfa license plates, in which the paintings were found
wrapped in a Fenerbahce (an Istanbul football team) uniform.

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Another one that got away from the ISIS curators.

Suspects V.K.M. and M.C., who were in the vehicle, were taken
into custody, as was there look-out man M.A.  The smugglers
said that they had obtained the paintings from refugees coming
from Syria to Sanliurfa. The Gendarmerie turned the paintings
over to the Elazig Museum Directorate for examination.  

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                             Elazig province.

turkce links to related Turkish article

(Zaman Newspaper, 19 February 2015)

Sınırda 5 günlük askeri yasak bölge uygulaması

The Sanliurfa Governor's Office has announced that the border
with Syria in the region of the Tekce and Ziyaret outposts in Suruc
district, is considered a 'military forbidden zone' for five days.

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The Governor's announcement reads as follows:

"Clashes between DEAS (ISIS) and PYD/YPG forces are continuing
to the east and west along the border of Suruc district and Syria.
Therefore, during the period 19-23 February 2015, the border area
from the Tekce Border Outpost in the east to the Ziyaret Border
Outpost in the west has been declared a military forbidden zone by
the Governor in order to obviate possible threats and dangers to the
lives and property of citizens."

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