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Birthday Greetings in a Parallel Universe

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 February 2015)

Infiltrating enemy territory to say 'Happy Birthday'

A group of Turks living in the USA celebrated the birthdays of
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister
Ahmet Davutoglu the day before yesterday in the state of

The group gathered in front of  the "Pennsylvania Welcomes
You" sign on Interstate 80, which connects Pennsylvania with
New Jersey, and shouted slogans to celebrate the birthdays.
The gathering was organized by the Cihannuma (World)
Cooperation and Solidarity Platform and Turkish flags flew
at the meeting.

Image result for fethullah gulen pennsylvania
Bizarro Erdogan (Fetullah Gulen), ruler of Parallel Universe.

Posters were presented, declaring "Erdogan & Davutoglu, We
Are Always With You Everywhere" and "Happy Birthday
President Erdogan".  Platform president Levent Ali Yildiz
said that "we want to say 'Happy Birthday' to our President
and Prime Minister  in the heart of Pennsylvania."

A birthday cake was cut afterwards. Erdogan was born on
26 February 1954 and Davutoglu's date of birth is 26 February
Image result for pennsylvania map
      PANSILVANYA (a.k.a Paralelistan)

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