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Identity Theft Meets World's Oldest Profession

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 January 2015)

       Victim, not perpetrator (let's be clear!)

In Antalya, the ID card of a woman who returned it to the census
bureau after she got married, turned up being used by a lady of the
evening.  An inquiry has begun into the activities of two census
bureau officials.

Gulden Alemdar, who worked as an assistant at a pharmacy in Istanbul,
married Taner Gulsen (36) three months ago.  After the wedding, the
couple moved to Antalya and then went to the Mahmutpasa Census
Bureau office there to changed their ID cards.  Shortly thereafter,
Gulden and Taner Gulsen received their new ID cards.

However, on 1 January 2015, the police knocked on the couple's
door and said that Gulden Alemdar's ID card was being used by
a prostitute named A.B., who had affixed her own photograph to
the ID card.  Gulden Gulsen filed a complaint against A.B. and two
officials at the census bureau - S.A. and Z.C.

In her statement, A.B. claimed that she had found Gulden Alemdar's
ID card in a park and put her own picture on it. As for Gulden Gulsen,
she was outraged by the situation and said "I will file suit against the
prostitute who used my ID card and the officials I surrendered my
card to in the first place."

                Antalya province.

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