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Starbucksian Turk-Armenian Gaffe in L.A.

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 February 2015)

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Starbucks Help Wanted: Foreign Relations Advisor.

The famous coffee chain Starbucks, which has stores in Turkey,
implemented a marketing strategy in Los Angeles but Armenians
in the city have reacted negatively. The company initiated a campaign
aimed at the approximately 500,000 Armenians in Los Angeles and
hung posters at its stores in the Woodland Hill section.

The posters show women wearing outfits that are associated with
the Caucasus region, with red baloons bearing the star and crescent of
the Turkish flag (!) floating over their heads.  Armenians who saw
the posters asserted that the the outfits being worn by the pictured
women are traditional Armenian dresses.

Starbucks took the posters down and issued this apology: "We are
trying to show sensitivity to the local population in all our stores.
Here we missed the mark (understatement!). We apologize for
hurting the feelings of our local customers."

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