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Academia Hits Bottom: !*&$#@!$ Controversy

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 December 2013)

Punctuational combatants (not sure who's who)

An inquiry was launched at Akdeniz University in Antalya
against Prof. Dr. Orhan Kuruuzum, a member of the school's
Economic and Administrative Sciences (IIBF), because he
whistled a refrain from a Turkish folk song while walking through
the faculty corridor with a glass of tea in his hand.

The refrain was from the song 'Halimem' from the Bolu region of
Turkey and the words go as follows: "It snowed on the lowly, didn't
you feel the cold? Didn't you think about how this would end up?"
As the result of the inquiry, 100 TL was deducted from Kuruuzum's
salary. The senior Turkish education authority YOK, however, ruled
that Kuruuzum had not had a chance to defend himself and YOK
voided the penalty.

A local court also voided the salary deduction. Nevertheless, IIBF
Dean Prof. Dr. Safak Aksoy sent Kuruuzum a warning letter. In
response, Kuruuzum sent Aksoy a letter on 29 March 2010, which
contained only exclamation points, commas and question marks.
Aksoy considered this punctuational response to be an insult so he
opened another inquiry, resulting in 100 TL being deducted from
Kuruuzum's salary (again!).

A high court ultimately ruled that the punctuational letter did not
constitute an insult and, consequently, there was no basis for a
case against Kuruuzum.

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