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Postal Single Point of Failure

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 December 2013)

Job opening in Altindere

When the only postman at the PTT (Post Telephone &
Telegraph) office in the town of Altindere, population
5,000, in Sakarya province, retired he was not replaced.
Instead, a PTT worker started coming to the Karapurcek
PTT branch in Altindere twice a week, but only to attend to
financial activities.
Coffeehouse-cum-post office

Mail coming to the town in postal bags has been left at a coffee-
house for residents to pick up. But since many people don't visit
the coffeehouse bills and documents have gone unclaimed. The
chief of Cumhuriyet neighborhood, Metin Cin, said that six
months worth of letters and important documents have been
left in the postal bags.

He added that "people who live close to the coffeehouse are
coming to get their mail but Altindere is six kilometers from
end to end. Notices and legal documents for residents who don't
come to the coffeehouse are going unclaimed for months. Some
of these are getting lost in the process. Consequently, many
people are being hit with debt notices and interest fines."

Altindere is in Karapurcek district.

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