16 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

Wrath of Kaans: My Pretty Face!

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(Hurriyet and Milliyet Newspapers, 16 December 2013)

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

In Marmaris, Mugla province, actor Kaan Urgancioglu came
out from the Back Street Bar and said hello to a passing girl.
As a result, Urgancioglu got into an argument with the girl's
boyfriend, prompting the bar's bouncer, Huseyin S. Kaan, to
head-butt, kick and punch Urgancioglu.

According to a report from the forensics lab, all this left a scar
on Urgancioglu's face. Nevertheless, Urgancioglu did not file
a complaint against Kaan but the public prosecutor did, requesting
a jail sentence of 5 years. From Istanbul, Urgancioglu sent a
statement, asserting that although suspect Kaan was not involved
in the (girl/boyfriend) incident, Kaan head-butted him, leaving a
scar on Urgancioglu's forehead.

Urgancioglu reiterated in his statement that he would not file a
complaint against Kaan and he left the disposition of the case
to the court's discretion. Urganciolu added that he incurred no
hospital expenses but the company producing the TV show he
has a role in could not shoot that day, resulting in a loss for the
firm, which Kaan's company did not cover.

The court ordered that Urgancioglu's statement be forwarded to
the court hearing the case.
Marmaris is on the central coast of Muglu.

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