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Yet Another 'With Friends Like This...' Espisode

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 December 2013)

What are friends for?...

Mehmet Nurettin Gulsum (29), the nephew of the Diyarbakir
Shopkeeper and Artists Union chief Alican Ebedinoglu and the
father of two children, worked for 10 years as the records clerk
at the Union. Seven months ago, Gulsum sold his wife's bracelets
and obtained some credit with the aim of buying a house. After
putting together about 200,000 TL, Gulsum was just about ready
to purchase when his childhood friend Askeri A. suggested
"let's put the money to work."

Gulsum abandoned his home-buying plans and gave the money
to someone Askeri A. knew at the tractor driver market to increase
the yield. However, pressure from his wife forced Gulsum to ask
Askeri A. for the money back four months ago. The two argued
about the matter but Gulsum did not get his money.

Last 26 November, Askeri A. went to Gulsum's office and told him
that "the guy who'll give you the money is waiting for us in the
village."  The two set out in Gulsum's car and when they approached
Erimli village Askeri A. and two waiting friends forced Gulsum from
the car and shot him in the head with a hunting rifle.

Askeri A. put Gulsum's body back into the car and hatched a plan.
He went to a gas station and told the attendant there that he was
"Out of gas. Stuck on the road.", as he purchased a container of gas.
Taking the car to an area famous for Molotov cocktail attacks and
roadblocks, Askeri A. doused Gulsum's car with gas and set it afire
in order to give the appearance of a terrorist attack.

But Askeri A. burned his own hand and face in the effort and for this
reason he did not attend Gulsum's funeral. When Gulsum's loved ones
noticed that his best friend had not come to the funeral they became
suspicious and informed police. By checking surveillance videos, police
were able to observe Askeri A. buying the gas and taking the car to the
scene of the burning.

Askeri A. was arrested and jailed. Two other suspects are being sought.

Diyarbakir and environs.

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