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Nigerian Scams American via Istanbul

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 December 2013)

Have I got a deal for you!

David Holmes, said to live in Nigeria, met American Cherly
Allmen on Facebook and they became friends. As their friendship
advanced Holmes asked Allmen for money at various times with
the promise that "you'll make even more money." Holmes said it
was necessary for Allmen to send the money to another Nigerian,
named Wisdom Efe Onokpite, in Istanbul.

Allmen sent a total of 524,000 USD but became suspicious and
informed the FBI. Concurrently, officials at the American Consulate
General in Istanbul informed Anti-Financial Crimes Office in
Istanbul. American officials in Istanbul also alerted the bank in
Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul, where Allmen's money had been sent.

Finance police took Onokpite into custody the day before yesterday
when he came to the bank to withdraw Allmen's most recent
transfer of 200,000 USD. The Nigerian was charged with "willful
fraud" and "falsification of official documents" but claimed that
he was sending textile products to Allmen in exchange for the money.
Onokpite also said that he used a fake passport for commercial

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